Cover Crop Rye

Cover crop rye varieties:  


available in the following units:

• 50 lb. bags
• 2000 lb. bulk/super totes
• bulk semi truck loads


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Cover Crop Rye Characteristics

Rye is the most winter-hardy of the small grain crops. Compared to other annual winter grasses, rye produces the most fall and winter forage. It matures earlier in the spring than wheat, usually peaking in early April. Rye is the most productive cool-season annual grass on soils low in fertility, well drained and sandy in texture. (

oklahoma Elbon rye History

Roy Chessmore, Ph.D., also a Noble Foundation research agronomist, initiated the program in the early 1950s. He developed Elbon rye, which was released in 1956. The release of the rye variety Elbon (“Noble” spelled backwards) proved to be a landmark event for the Foundation that was then just over a decade old. (

“Elbon was so successful that people used the term to refer to any improved rye – sort of like soft drinks and ‘Coke,'” Altom said. “It was grown all the way to Florida. Because of it, the Noble Foundation became known near and far for its improved small grains forage program. To this day, our specialists will go to a meeting and someone will say, ‘Oh, y’all are the Elbon folks.’ It still has that much impact 50 years later.” (